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To increase Shatin residents toward healthy lifestyle, we designed a redemption program for The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation by encouraging the residents to exercise and dine healthily in the community. However, given the constraints caused by the pandemic, this plan could not be implemented. We needed to adjust and launch the new campaign in a short time.

We designed 30 missions, a mix of home exercises, mindfulness practices, and outdoor activities in Shatin. Participants could earn “healthy miles” when they complete the missions and they could redeem their miles for gifts, workshops, and local tours.

Those who are interested in completing the missions can get the mission booklets from our partners, including various DHC, Offices of District Council, and NGOs. On top of that, we engaged Marathon Sports as the program’s partner to further distribute the mission booklets in their shops in Shatin. As the incentives, participants can enjoy Marathon Sports’s VIP discounts.

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